About us


SchoolBusters is a non-religious, non-political, human- and refugee-based independent consult service which is looking for sustainable solutions to educate refugees wherever they are.

Positive social change as our goal we aim for positive return to society. In practice this  means that we make social innovation in the field of emergency education. They are more effective, efficient, sustainable or just than current solutions. They can be new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations. These meet the social needs of different elements which can be from working conditions to and education to community development and health. They extend and strengthen civil society.

While  volunteering  in Lesvos, Greece  for  the  refugees  the tremendous  educational needs of the refugee  children  became obvious.   We  need to  take  action.  We need  to  do  it. Now.  Over  75 million  children globally are lacking education because of various emergencies and crises in the world.


Our service  is and will remain low  working close  to  the refugees making them  part  of the solutions. Empowering refugees to help themselves. Our leading coordination team is multidisciplinary and multicultural. As diverse as our beautiful earth. We are based in Uppsala, Sweden.

We love our work. Hope you do too.