May 25, 2017

While in Paris participating Unesco Mobile Learning week in March I got the pleasure to get to know a Rwandan refugee living in a refugee camp in Kenya. Her name is Grace.

We shared contact info. Her card was a small piece of paper where she filled in the contact details.

When back home we decided to make her a business card she can share while she studies and works. She is one of those which is goin to make a world a bit of a better place.

Cards are on their way and we wish Grace to get them soon.

April 6, 2017

Dear all,

Many things going on - networking and funding applications. Our assistant works very hard too! - Fluffy the rescue cat from Lesvos.

April is 6 months birthday for Teachers 4 Refugees. We are looking for a computer donation with scanner and printer. Compatible for the use of Microsoft Office Pro. Our IT team member would receive this laptop then which we have bought.

Please contact us here, on our facebook page at
or at

Thanks 😊. Have a lovely day ⚘.

March 19, 2017

Så här såg det ut när min släkt samt familj var tvungna att lämna sina hem i Karelska Näset under krigen mellan Finland och Sovjetunionen 1941 - 1944. Mina föräldrar var spädbarn då så syns de inte i bilden men där är de någonstans med sina föräldrar. Denna bilden har publicerats i Suomen Kuvalehti nån gång i 50 - talet.

Farfar mista sitt liv och mormor sin man i denna krigen och blev ensam med fem små barn under tio år av vilka en dog under vägen på grund av pneumoni. De stannade hos två familjer i fastlandet av Finland. Det behandlades väl på de gårdarna och jag har träffat de familjer när jag var barn.

Sen skickades min far och sina syskon till Sverige till trygghet. De blev så kallade krigsbarn. Alla fick en bra familj att leva i utan min pappa som hade vattkoppor när hen kom till Sverige med båten. Han var till en barnhem för finska barn.

Min mormor sparade alla brevkort min pappa skickade till henne från Sverige. Där skriver hen hur han har varit frisk, gått till skolan och fått sig...

March 9, 2017

Thank you so much for all the contact requests we are getting. We are happy to hear from you.

We wish though that you would go through what we have public here on our website. The same issues can be found on our website.

Here is what you can do to participate at this point, besides following us and our work. There are several ways to donate. More instructions on the sections Donate and Funding.

Details about our learning sphares and other innovations are not yet open to public. More info will follow so keep yourself posted.

We are getting ready to our next step - Paris & Unesco Mobile Learning Week. You are welcome to join our crowdfunding campaing here:

Talk to You soon :) .

February 19, 2017

Teachers 4 Refugees is heading to Paris in March to participate. We have left in our proposal and it was well-received by the committee and our proposal is in a reserve list to be presented there. This is more than I was expecting at this point for our organization being like a sprout yet, as start-ups usually are. Also the committee would very much like us to attend the event.

We are looking for sponsors to make this happen. We need 3000 euros to cover the costs.

We are also looking for partnerships with hardware tech companies in Sweden.



February 10, 2017

This is our very first blog post. Welcome <3. You are probably waiting to hear news from the ground. We at Teachers 4 Refugees believe that the most sustainable and fair response to the educational needs of the refugees is to learn from what has been done and from the current events. Obviously it has not been a successful way to do things.

So lately we have been working hard on research, networking and funding. Our very first partner is  Solidarity App. I learned to know Martin Morillo from the Techfugees group in Facebook. Shortly after us being founded, he offered to have a campaign on Solidarity App.

The idea in Solidarity App is simply to make microdonations to the cause of your choice by testing games. This is the free way to do good. Brilliant idea I would say.

Check Solidarity App. Play some games. Do some good. And of course we are happy if you support us by your micro donation. Talk to you soon :). 

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