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Our very first blog post!

This is our very first blog post. Welcome <3. You are probably waiting to hear news from the ground. We at Teachers 4 Refugees believe that the most sustainable and fair response to the educational needs of the refugees is to learn from what has been done and from the current events. Obviously it has not been a successful way to do things.

So lately we have been working hard on research, networking and funding. Our very first partner is Solidarity App. I learned to know Martin Morillo from the Techfugees group in Facebook. Shortly after us being founded, he offered to have a campaign on Solidarity App.

The idea in Solidarity App is simply to make microdonations to the cause of your choice by testing games. This is the free way to do good. Brilliant idea I would say.

Check Solidarity App. Play some games. Do some good. And of course we are happy if you support us by your micro donation. Talk to you soon :).