• Maarit

Looking for IT specialist/engineer

We are looking for a specialist in the field of IT engineering. You can code and have experience of building learning enviroments and platforms. Syrians with refugee background will be prioritized. We need a person with an understanding of the culture and the current situation in the Middle East. Our working language is English. It would be amazing if you are already familiar with the existing emergency technology available. You enjoy creating new and get a long with people well. Oue existing team is just like that.

Teachers 4 Refugees is a non-profit organization based in Uppsala Sweden. We aim to innovate educational solutions for the global needs of displaced people. Shortly about us on our website www.teachers4refugees.com.

We are in the middle of funding rounds and this will be a payed job when this is ready. Please contact Maarit at Maarit.Snellman@gmail.com or contact through our website.