• Maarit Snellman

Conditions in camp Moria in Greece - Statement

A 9-month-old baby died of dehydration in the overcrowded Moria camp on the island of Lesvos, MSF/Doctors Without Borders announced late on Saturday. The baby’s parents are asylum-seekers from Congo.

Moria has been inhumane place to be since 2015, when the amount of refugees and migrants peaked. There is severe lack of sanitation, shelter, health care, food and other basic necessities. It is dangerously overcrowded with over 15 000 inhabitants, while it is designed to be a place for 2500-3000 people.

Agean islands are over crowded in general and facilities are unstainable violation towards dignified human living. Situation for refugees in Greece is extremely difficult, while so many Greeks suffer from austerity measures.

According to MSF, 5,000 children are currently living in the Moria camp, 70% of them are below 12 years old. The MSF unit in the camp has recorded 77 case of children suffering from serious health problems.

We urge Greece and EU immidiately to solve this self-created crisis. Camps belong to history. Not as a solution to the issues of people fleeing from war and persecution. Childrens, human and refugee rights must be protected and respected at all times.