• Maarit Snellman

Children on The Move Have Rights Too

Today we are celebrating 30 years of the rights of the child. The UN Convention involves four general principles:

- All children are equal.

- The interests of the child are primary in all decision-making.

- The child is entitled to a good life.

- The views of the child shall be taken into account.

It is easily forgotten, that these rights belong also the children on the move. Refugee and migrant children. They also have these rights, which in practice mean, that they are entitled to safety, shelter, health-care, education and everything every child needs to balanced growth like play.

This photo is from camp Moria in Lesvos Greece in autumn 2015. Young girl is playing with his brother in the trashes. There are minimal safe places there for play. Just a tiny example, how their rights have been violated.

In public discource the topic is mostly, how to stop refugees and migrants from coming rather than that they are seen as human beings with rights like the rest of us. Children on the move are in especially vulnerable position and their rights should be secured all the way.

Will it need another 30 years to get these rights of the child into practice for everyone. Also children on the move.