Self-Sustainable School

Keywords: circular economy, education 2030, recycling, fair humanitarian response, sustainability, SDGs


Target group: Refugees and their communities in host countries, displaced people in their communities starting from the Middle East, Lebanon


SchoolBusters is a non profit organisation aiming to increase possibilities to education in emergencies and crisis. We are a team of dedicated academics and just like ghostbusters in the movie, we can be asked to assist in  the time of need. Our organization is inspired by the business model of the Nordstroms. Our principal is that our designs and solutions are refugee based. We strongly believe in the skills refugees have themselves.


Lebanon has been hosting Syrian refugees since the start of the Syrian conflict and continue be the refugee densest nation in the Middle East. Syrian refugees face harsh attitudes, suffer from the lack of income and many children need to work instead of schooling to provide for their families. At the same time Lebanon suffers from waste crisis. Necessary infrastructure to handle waste effectively is lacking.


School in the slums of Yogyakarta in Indonesia funds itself on trash and herding. Short video can be found from the sources. We suggest to use the same approach but create a circular economy around parental earning livelihoods, education and waste management. Everyone wins. This would be help toward the harsh attitudes as well. We think in creating responses and concepts, that gives refugees the possibility to add to the host community. They should be seen as an asset and a resource instead of a cost and burden.


Feel free to elaborate, elaborate with us or we can do it for you.


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